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Saxon N Bailey
White Dove Releases for all Occasions
Saxon N Bailey, Owner
  • Have raised and cared for dove for several years.
  • Have assisted family with a multitude of animal rescue and placements.  
  • Have been a professional firefighter in the metroplex for over 31 years and still active in this profession.

About White Doves Above
White Doves Above is a family owned and operated business located in Springtown, Teaxs.  Our goal is to provide you with a breathtaking white dove release that is sure to make your occasion more special and do it in a way that is safe and satisfying for the doves, giving them the exercise and flying time they truly love.

Our doves are very special to us and as such we give them the very best of care.  We want to see every bird return to our loft healthy and happy after every release.

It takes a good deal of time and effort to train the doves to develop their natural "homing" ability to return home from distances.  Out of the respect for the birds, we only release doves that are properly trained at the requested distances but no farther than 30 miles radius from our loft and provided that there is no extreme weather forecasted on the day of scheduled release.
White Doves Above is based in Springtown, Texas and is now offering our services in Springtown, Azle and surrounding areas.  Coming soon we will be offering our services in Decatur and Weatherford, Texas.
Our Doves
None of the spectacular releases would be possible without our stunning white doves, and indeed the many months of training and hard work go into making sure they are fully prepared for your special day. With years of experience looking after homing birds, you can be sure that our doves benefit from only the best food, care and training to ensure they are in peak condition.
We regularly let our doves out of the loft to stretch their wings and fly around in the local area, this helps build up their homing ability.  This helps to ensure they are properly exercised and fit . While they are in the loft, they enjoy access to a large purpose built aviary which enables them to stretch their wings, sunbathe and take a bath.
These elegant birds are kept at peak performance by regular training that hone their homing instinct and navigation. We regularly release them at varying distances and locations from their loft to keep them stimulated, strong and happy. This is reflected in their temperament and condition.
We only ever use Rock doves for our releases. This is because Rock doves have an excellent sense of direction, and are able to navigate safely back to the loft. Our Rock Dove posses an amazing homing ability and stamina allowing us to release them anywhere within a 30 mile radius and be safe in the knowledge that they will navigate their way back to our loft.

​White Doves Above
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