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Saxon N Bailey
White Dove Releases for all Occasions
Nothing can prepare us for the loss of a loved one. It is one of the most difficult and sorrowful times we will ever have to face. As we mourn our loss, we memorialize the deceased and celebrate the life that they lived.
At the end of a graveside service, few things can evoke a more powerful emotional relief than the release of white doves. 
The release of a single white dove or a number of doves gives a feeling of peace and purity. The birds soaring into the sky, to return to home, can help to symbolize the freedom of a soul reaching up to find peace. It also offers a symbol of the spirit of the loved one lost and also raises the heart to know that this loved one's spirit will ascend to the heavens to be at peaceful rest.
The release of a Remembrance Dove or Doves gives a perfect healing touch to final goodbyes.
We understand the hurried planning of funerals, and your call is never too late. Call White Doves Above to help you arrange a white dove release for the funeral in memory of your loved one.
White Doves Above is based in Springtown, Texas and is now offering our services in Springtown, Azle and surrounding areas.  Coming soon we will be offering our services in Decatur and Weatherford, Texas.
​White Doves Above
Springtown, Tx 76082
My mother passed away in January and her funeral was at the Springtown cemetery. I came in contact with Mr. Bailey about doing his services for my mother’s funeral. He was very professional, discreet and stayed in the wings of the service. After the service I told the people attending that we had a special treat at which time I motioned to Mr. Bailey and he released the birds. It was a beautiful experience as they circled around the area a couple of times, gained altitude and headed home. As the service ended, everyone left on a happy note instead of a sad one. It just made all the difference in the world and I would highly recommend him for any service.
                                                                                                                             L. C.
The dove release at my sister's funeral was to me the best way to end the service.  It was so peaceful seeing the doves fly and circle over the cemetery, the white seemed to represent innocence.  The fluttering of the wings and watching them leave was like her spirit lifting from this troubled earth to heaven where only peace and the glory of God exist.  I thank Saxon Bailey of White Doves Above for your service and will be calling on you in the future!
                                                                                                                                                                                                           D. D.